Healthy Living for Dogs and Cats

Monday through Saturday 10:00 am ~ 7:00 pm
Sundays 11:00 am ~ 6:00 pm

For Dogs

If your dog is more like family than a pet then let Barkley's Gourmet show you how a natural diet can improve your pet's lifestyle.

Product Spotlight

Harness Lead is a new and unique addition to our product mix. The leash (patent pending) is used as a gentle tool by utilizing a dog's own pressure against the leash to encourage and remind him to slow down his pace.

For Cats

If your cat is more like family than a pet then let Barkley's Gourmet show you how a natural diet can improve your pet's lifestyle.


Flemington’s dining destination for dogs & cats!

Welcome to Barkley’s, where dogs, cats and people come together for good health, fun and community — a first of its kind in the Flemington area.

Here at Barkley’s, we firmly believe that dining for pets should be just as satisfying as human dining. That’s why you’ll find no mysterious “animal by-products” in our foods — neither homemade nor packaged varieties.

If you love your pets (almost) as much as your children, then you’ve come to the right place. Along with wholesome foods for every budget, you’ll find a well-informed staff to advise you no matter what your approach to pet health and happiness.

In addition, Barkley’s is a treasure trove of quality pet supplies and the cutest gifts on Main Street — a boutique without boutique prices.

A great store AND a good neighbor

How many stores do you know where Fido or Fifi are welcome? Not too many, right? But here at Barkley’s, your four-legged friends don’t have to wait in the car while you visit and shop. They can join you while you post your photos or business cards on the community wall, attend a seminar on raw diets, or plan a dog-friendly party under our roof.

At Barkley’s, we take a community approach to business. We enjoy connecting neighbors with businesses that love pets as much as you do. So come in and treat your dog to real bones supplied by local farmers. Bring a lonely neighbor to a pet adoption day and initiate a lifetime friendship. In exchange for our free coffee, consider a small donation to the neighborhood charity of the week.

Barkley’s is here, seven days a week, for you and your pet. So step into our spacious family room, kitchen, bakery and pantry. Sniff the enticing aromas and chat with the chef at work in our kitchen. Enjoy the only shop in the world that has achieved the pawprint of approval from Reba, Lucy, Honey, Wiley and Zoe (our own canine pack). Because if they approve, well, we’re pretty sure you will too.

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