Tips on Using Herbal Remedies for Pets

Herbal Remedies for pets

When adding a herbal remedy to your Pet’s health plan, it’s best to begin only one remedy or health product of any kind at a time. Do not add another product until you have clearly established your pet’s response to the first one, including signs of intolerance or interaction with any other product being used (unless you are working with a holistic veterinarian familiar with the substances being administered).

More frequent, smaller doses are typically more effective than a large dose once per day, as spacing out the doses allows the herbs to remain in the animal’s system and provide optimal, consistent benefits.

Response to herbal remedies varies by individual, so suggested dosages may need to be adjusted depending on your pet’s response. When introducing any new health product, it is wise to start with a lower than recommended dose and build up over the course of several days to a week. If vomiting, diarrhea or other signs of intolerance occur, a remedy should be stopped for two days, and then half the original dose can be administered to see if the lower dose can be tolerated.

Herbs take time to build in the system, so do not expect immediate results. It can take from several days up to a week or more to know if the herbal remedy is effective depending upon the severity of the issue being treated and the overall vitality of the animal.
Herbs and other natural remedies work best for an animal who is given the best possible conditions for health and healing. This includes having the healthiest and freshest diet possible, along with proper health-supportive products and digestive aids such as digestive enzymes, essential fatty acids, and adequate levels of essential vitamins and minerals.

Check with a knowledgeable veterinarian if your companion is on any conventional medications that herbal remedies could interact with. If your pet’s condition changes in any way that concerns you, discontinue use of any remedies or health products and contact your veterinarian.

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  1. Carl Green says:

    It’s interesting to learn that smaller doses of herbal remedies are more effective for your pets. My wife and I are wanting to get a pet dog for our family and we were wondering what we could feed the animal to make sure they’re healthy. I’ll be sure to tell her that we should give the dog small herbal remedies for when it’s feeling sick.

  2. Blendercks says:

    Testaru. Best known

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