The Ideal Food for Diabetic Dogs

Nutrisca Dog Food

You may not be familiar with the Nutrisca brand, but is rapidly gaining popularity among our customers, but especially those who dogs are diabetic.

Nutrisca dry food recipes have been certified low glycemic by The Glycemic Research Institute®, a nationally accredited organization approved by the United States Government. They are potato and grain free, making use of chick peas instead. Also known as Garbanzo Beans, Chickpeas are low glycemic legumes that are a great source of protein, folic acid, fiber, and the essential amino acid lysine. Folic Acid is very important for cardiovascular health and is needed for energy production. Fiber is important in aiding proper digestion. Lysine is vital for many body functions including growth and maintenance of tissues and muscle mass.

Their lamb is sourced in the U.S., their chicken is cage-free, with no added hormones. Salmon is wild-caught off the Pacific Northwest Coast. These provide an optimal source of protein and amino acids essential for muscle development and is a great alternative for dogs with poultry allergies.

With no grains, potatoes, or tapioca starch, Nutrisca delivers premium nutrition for all dogs. Stop in and let us introduce Nutrisca to you and your dog.

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