The story about Barkley’s Gourmet Marketplace




A beautiful boutique in Historic Flemington, NJ with a surprisingly large selection of really great products.

When people ask us why we decided to open Barkley’s Gourmet Marketplace, we tell them about our family experience. Bringing rescued pets into our home and loving them like family has opened our hearts, brought us in touch with the community and, most assuredly, added to the fun factor in our lives. Now, we want to share the wealth of good feeling that has elevated our family life.

Barkley’s has an amazing selection of the healthiest foods for our dog. We love how they took the time to evaluate what we had been feeding Brutus and showed us a healthier, affordable option.

Your Hometown Store

Your Hometown Store

That’s why when you walk into Barkley’s, you’ll notice right away: This isn’t just a store, it’s a community center. Come in for Yappy Hour, dog birthdays and kid birthdays. Catch a seminar on pet care topics. Bring in a lonely soul who needs to adopt a new best friend. Scan our community wall for the local service you need.

Great Selection and Service

Healthy Food is our Hallmark

You know the deal. Open a can of that putrid brown goo sold as dog or cat food in the supermarkets, and… Peee-yew! It’s a nasal assault! You’ll find none of that at Barkley’s. Healthy pet food is our primary focus. We offer foods that look good, smell delightful and taste heavenly.

Less costly than you might think

It’s Less Costly Then You Think

If you think Barkley’s food portions look smaller than the grocery store options you’re used to serving, you’re right. But that doesn’t mean you’re paying more for less. Our foods are packed with nutrition, not pumped with fillers and empty calories. Sure we have high-end products, but you’ll find items for every budget. We cater to your pet’s specific needs while respecting your budget.

A Consistent Focus on The Highest Quality

Barkley’s foods will enhance and extend the life of your pet. And because your dog or cat will be eating better, you can expect fewer eye infections, hot spots, digestive issues, and food allergies… not to mention, fewer veterinarian bills.

Just look at the food choices you’ll find:

  • Homemade Assembled Foods – Our all-natural prepared foods are baked on premises and stored in the refrigerated and freezer sections of the store. Choose pork, beef, peas, carrots, brown rice, whatever your pet loves. The only difference between Barkley’s homemade pet food and human food is seasoning. There are no sauces; no garlic, basil or even salt. It’s pure beef,  chicken or pork, smoked or dried, and offered with a selection of cooked vegetables.
  • Pre-Packaged Foods are selected for their taste and nutrition and sold in regular or bulk quantities.
  • Raw Diet Products, found in our freezer section, come in pasteurized and unpasteurized varieties.
  • Treats – Our bones are the real thing, from local farms, not manufactured rawhide. There’s also beef or chicken jerky and a mouth-drooling assortment of special biscuits, baked right here in small, super-fresh batches to be sold the same day.

Barkleys table display

Why Choose Barkley's? Click to expand a section.

Our brands and products are chosen because of the quality ingredients used. We stock human-grade food for pets, often produced in human-grade factories.

We know you have options where to shop for your pet. Our customers tell us no other pet store has the breadth or variety of quality food, treats and accessories that we do.

We strive to make your shopping experience a pleasure. Each and every time you are in the store. Enjoy a cup of coffee and let us do the heavy lifting.

You can afford to feed your pet better; let Barkley’s Gourmet show you how. Bring in a used bag (or can) of your current dog or cat food. Let us show you how it compares to a few of the quality brands we stock, and if applicable, we’ll show you a better quality alternative, with a price that may surprise you.

If there is every something you want that is not in stock, please tell us! We will jump through hoops to try and locate it for you.

Our blog is a great place to learn about community and pet-friendly events going on around Flemington. And join our email list to receive special offers and new product announcements.

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Everything for your Dog or Cat

In addition to food, Barkley’s is a pet boutique, with quality products displayed on decorated tables, in baskets, and on accessible shelving. Barkley’s stocks everything your pet might ever need including:

  • Beds, collars, leashes, coats and bandanas
  • Travel bags, car-seat covers, crates, food and water bowls
  • Biscuits, bones and chews
  • Grooming supplies
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Cat litter boxes, towers and posts

Neighborhood Events and Promotions

If there is a great community event that your family and your pet would enjoy, be assured Barkley’s Gourmet will notify you all about it. We are voracious social networking users plus we have a large and dedicated e-mail subscribers list. Sign up here on our website and get event notifications, special offers and unique discount opportunities.

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