Accessories for pets

Sure, great food is important, but...

The right accessories provide safety and an improved quality of life.

Accessories for pets are vital. You know the role that quality food plays in the long-term well being of your dog or cat. But if you want to keep those tails wagging you’ll want to insure you pet has clean ears, teeth, and paws plus a nice soft coat.

As your puppy or kitten grows and develops, it might be nice to have a pet-appropriate carpet cleaner, stain remover and some anti-tick or flea products on hand.

And what about that family vacation? Or running local errands? Having a safe  and secure way to insure your pet’s safety in the car is paramount.

Barkley’s has the area’s best selection of accessories for your pet. Here are some of the products you’ll discover in our Main Street Emporium.

Tropiclean Fresh Breath full bottle 200x200

TropiClean OxyMed 200x200All the accessories for pets you’ll need to keep your pet clean and beautiful are available at Barkley’s Gourmet. Our selection of shampoos is quite extensive.

We stock natural shampoos from:

  • Earthbath
  • EcoDog
  • Tropiclean
  • Oxymed
  • Richard’s.
  • Natural Flea and Tick shampoos from Natural Chemistry
  • Natural repellent shampoo from Alzoo.
  • We even have Angels’ Eyes Arctic Blue, a whitening shampoo.

Kurgo auto harness from Barkley's
Whether you are taking your pet with you on the next family vacation, or a trip to the supermarket, automobile safety for your pet should be paramount. (So is protecting the inside of your car).

Consider a booster seat or zip line, to help keep your pet’s movements restricted. Kurgo is a leading manufacturer of car seat covers, harnesses  restraints and bridges (separators).

We also stock Clix and Canine Friendly, two lines of safety harnesses.

For smaller pets, we have some terrific Bark N Bags, oversized shoulder bags that comfortably accommodate them.

Natures's Miracle skunk Odor RemovalMake your home comfortable and welcoming for your pet. Barkley’s has everything you’ll need:

  • Beds
  • Crates
  • Bowls
  • Bath products.

There are also some terrific upholstery and bedding sprays.

We even stock many different natural flea and tick sprays and shampoos, yard and kennel sprays, and several Skunk odor removal products.

Collars and leashes provide a unique way to connect to your dog. They provide safety but are also a fashion accessory.

Up Country Dog-lead-big-bonesx200Lupine’s are high quality collars, leashes and harnesses, for dogs and cats. Every item is covered by their “Even If Chewed” Lifetime Guarantee. Made in New Hampshire, Lupine pet products draw inspiration from the durable components found in climbing and hiking gear, ensuring that you and your pet can count on these collars time and time again.

Canine Equipment has built their reputation by providing performance gear for active dogs and their loyal guardians. Utilizing technical fabrications and quality hardware, this is the brand for outdoor enthusiasts and their best friends.

Earthdog manufactures fine quality hemp and soy collars, leashes, and harnesses for the dogs in your life. Their eco-friendly dog products are all handmade in the USA, inspired from the owners own pack of 16 dogs.

The Nite Dawg™ LED Light-Up Dog Collar is a great way to make sure your furry friend can be seen after sunset! Constructed from a high quality, durable yet lightweight nylon, this collar houses a flexible, polymer core that illuminates when the collar is turned on. A reflective stripe adds additional safety by providing passive reflectivity. Powered by a super-efficient (100,000 hour) LED, the Nite Dawg collar has two mode settings, flash and steady glow, and the easily replaceable battery lasts 75-100 hours depending on the setting. Plus, it’s weather-resistant and visible up to 1000 feet in the dark!

By using the best materials available and combining unique technology, Dublin creates a signature All Style, No Stink Dog Collar. They’ve used that same philosophy throughout the years as they continue to develop and grow a great product line. It’s 100% waterproof, won’t stink and rinses clean in seconds.

Furminator tool from Barkley'sBarkley’s offers the FURminator® deShedding Tool – the most popular, sought-after and beloved shedding solution on the market. These devices safely, efficiently and comfortably remove a pet’s loose undercoat.

Barkley’s also stocks Safari by Coastal, high quality combs and brushes, along with shedding blades, nail trimmers and undercoat rakes.

Bass Brushes are made from 100% pure bamboo, a sustainable resource and environmentally sound. Bass Brushes have been trusted by professional pet groomers since 1979., and now the quality and innovation of these grooming products are available for your pet.

Foggy mountin coatsDuring the summer keep your dog cool with a cooling bandana from  Outward Hound.

The heat is your dog’s worst enemy. Keeping them cool on hot days is important for their well being. The innovative Outward Hound Cool-It Bandana helps cool down dogs on the hottest days.

Simply soak the Outward Hound Cool-It Bandana in cold water for 15 to 30 minutes and its unique design will help keep your pet cool for several hours.

On the water? Check out our Henry & Grammie lifejackets!

For the Winter, come into Barkley’s for sweaters and coats from Chili Dog and Foggy Mountain. For over 20 years Foggy Mountain has produced dog coats using only the highest quality materials and workmanship. Our coats are designed for exceptional fit, ease of movement, and maximum durability.

Fresh Breath Drops for dogsKeep your dog’s breath fresh and teeth and gums healthy with products specially formulated for pets. A few of our favorites include:

  • Furminator Oral Care
  • Tropiclean Fresh Breath Made Easy
  • Zymox Brushless Oral Care Therapy
  • Sentry Petrodex Calming Toothpaste
  • Plaque Off Animal for healthier teeth and gums

We even have tooth whitening products, to keep your dog’s smile as nice as your own!